【Purchasing List】SKF Group and SKF China

•  Raw Materials,Special Steel for Bearing, Cold Rolled Steel for stamping, Engineering Plastic Resin including Nylon 6/6 33% GF, High Precision Aluminum Extrusions, Rubber Compound

•  Bearing Components, Rings (machined, forged, or hot rolled), Cages (Steel and Plastic), Rollers, Balls, Seals, Shields

•  Industrial Services,  Heat Treatment, Phosphate Coating, machining, Logistic Services

•  Machined components, using steel, brass, and aluminium materials

•  Die Casting and Power Metal parts

•  Fitting, bolts, speciality nuts and screws, Springs

•  Wire Harness, Motors, other electric components

•  Cutting Tool, Drills, Abrasive Materials, Industrial grease, lubrication, coolant fluid

•  Packaging materials including International Trade Compliance wooden pallets and boxes, and Rust Preventative Materials

•  Personal Safety and Protection items, including safety shoes, uniforms, gloves, eye plugs, etc.

•  Capital Equipment for manufacturing and building, including assembly machines, conveyors, automated packaging and loading, air compressors, air and liquid filtration systems and components

•  Tooling, including assembly and machining fixture, rubber injection moulding, stamping tool.

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17th International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai, China)

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